It’s the first of February, which means Women In Horror Month is officially out of the gates and running. In what has been an ongoing tradition, Vancouver’s Twisted Twins Productions (Jen & Sylvia Soska) have gathered together a confederacy of like-minded filmmakers to celebrate WiHM and raise awareness of the need for donations to blood banks across North America. The result is the Massive Blood Drive anthology, a collection of short films that brings together old-school splatter with big-hearted philanthropy.

As stated in this year’s press release, things have gotten a bit of a shake-up in the roster: “Every year, we have taken it upon ourselves to create PSAs urging people to donate. You can’t think horror without thinking blood and horror is all about facing your fears. Anyways, what’s one small prick in a world filled with an epidemic of pricks, right?

Over the years the PSA has grown to include and spotlight artists from across the globe. This year was our first year to include feminists of any gender. Our goal has always been inclusion, support, and awareness. Many of these artists wouldn’t have their voices heard without opportunities such as those gifted from events like Women In Horror Month.”

Previous Blood Drive contributors return to the fold for Round 7, including Jill Sixx Gevargizian (The Stylist, Call Girl), Maude Michaud (Dys-, Red), Patricia Chica (Ceramic Tango) Gigi Saul Guerrero (El Gigante, Madre De Dios) and Women In Horror Month FounderHannah Neurotica.

Among this year’s stable of fresh meat, there are contributions from Nicole McClure (The Unbearable Lightness of Boning), Joe Magna (Hellevator), Lisa Ovies (Puppet Killer), Andy Stewart(Dysmorphia, Remnant) Tristan Risk (American Mary, House of Manson) and the debut of Blood Drive’s youngest auteurs to date, 17-year olds Veronica Hampson and Kate Taeuschel.

So enough talk. Press “play”, soak in some quick & dirty work from some of the best in the business, then get out there and donate!

A word of warning, though, straight from the source:

” IT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORKIf your work sucks. Viewer discretion is advised but should be completely ignored.

Be sure to check out for more events and news as the month progresses.

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