LITTLE TERRRORS VOLUME 37: Short, Sharp Shocks for September

One of Toronto’s best and longest running venues for short horror cinema, Little Terrors begins its fifth season on Wednesday, September 30th. 9pm at the Magic Lantern Carlton Cinema, presented by Rue Morgue Magazine and Unstable Ground. Each month, Little Terrors showcases a night of thematically-related short-form cinematic terror, at a fully-licensed venue, for two hours of “the craziest, goriest, most-disturbing and off-the-wall” fare from here and abroad. To kick off this season, the theme is “Control Over Time And Space”.

So what can you expect when the lights go down Wednesday night? Here’s the playlist:

Shadow Boxer (3 minutes, UK, premiere)
DIR: Nic Alderton
A young man practices his martial arts moves while cleaning up a club. But has the power of his imagination brought something dark to life?

The Guest (5 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Nick Rodgers
A trapper finds an unusual creature in the woods, and brings it home with him. A very unique stop-motion style, reminiscent of ‘The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb’.

Night of the Slasher (12 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Shant Hamassian
A teenage girl must commit horror movie sins to lure a masked killer and finish him off. Official selection of Telluride Horror Show 2015, and Frightfest. ‘Shot-in-one-take’.

The Listing (9 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Luke Jaden
A beautiful two-story starter home is for sale, but none of its former occupants have ever left alive. Creepy, atmospheric short. Previous selection of Fantasia, and Telluride Horror Show.

Bad Guy #2 (10 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Chris McInroy
A henchman discovers that career advancement has a deadly downside. Hilarious, gory fun! Previous selection of Fantastic Fest.

Point of View (9 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Justin Harding
A tired coroner is stalked by the living dead, but only when she isn’t looking! Think ‘The Weeping Angels’ from Doctor Who in a full out horror fest. Previous selection of Fantasia and Telluride Horror Show.

Lumberjacked (3 minutes)
DIR: Joel Mackenzie
A reformed Lumberjack must embrace the power of Nature to defeat a Wasp Monster. Trippy animated goodness! Previous selection of Toronto After Dark.

I‘m You, Dickhead (12 minutes)
DIR: Lucas Testro
A man travels back in time to force his 10-year-old self to learn guitar, so he can grow up to get more action from women. A funny mind-bender of a concept.

Controller (9 minutes)
DIR: Saman Kesh
A girl that control everything guides her own rescue by taking control of her boyfriend. Action-packed, high-value thrills with an original concept. Feature version currently in development via 20th Century Fox.

State Zero (17 minutes)
DIR: Andrée Wallin
In post-apocalpytic Sweden, four soldiers investigate why an old surveillance tower just went offline.

One Minute Time Machine (6 minutes)
DIR: Devon Avery
A young man uses a ‘1-minute-back’ time machine to impress a girl he meets. Starring Erinn Hayes of ‘Children’s Hospital‘.

Götcher (4 minutes)
DIR: Bruce Branit
A secret support group meets to take back something stolen from them in childhood. Twisted take on an old joke.

If this sounds like your kind of thing (and why wouldn’t it be), Advanced Tickets are still available for Wednesday’s show.

For more information, including showtimes, updates and where to submit your own shorts for future screenings, make sure you check out the Little Terrors Homepage, as well as their Facebook , Twitter and YouTube pages for info and trailers of upcoming films.

And stay tuned for a recap of Season 5’s launch right here, following the night’s events.


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